Can you provide a cheat sheet with questions and answer for the homeowner?

  • May 31, 2016 4:59 PM
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    Hello Mahir did you post the questions and answer for the homeowner and if so where did you post them?

  • June 01, 2016 11:49 AM
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    jon musco (Administrator)

    I will post some options for initial contact with the home owner. However, there is no cookie cutter answer for this.  

    Introduce yourself and verify that you are speaking with the home owner. Briefly explain your position, that you are part of a company that owns and will help resolve the second mortgage difficulties. * Every home owners response will be different to this, in turn, your approach may change as well. You may want to be straight forward or  be more understanding.

    Some key questions to ask are:

    What are the circumstances that lead to this?

    How are you now?

    Do you live in the home?

    Are you working?

    What do you want to do moving forward?  

    Get best phone number and email! Also best time to call.

    Some of these questions will take finesse. I find it works best when just having a conversation with them. For example, naturally asking something like "Ok, so what is your work schedule, so I know when to call back" that can lead into if they are working or not and best time and number to reach them, without feeling like they are being grilled.

    You may not want to get into too much on the first call but if it comes to it you can explain some options that you may offer to help find a resolution(HOME OWNER SPECIFIC!). Explain some options that you may be willing to do for that loan. You can also ask what amount of payment would they be comfortable with, or what amount would they be able to offer to wipe out the loan completely. Then get back to them with an answer. Set a time to speak with them again, and stick with it.


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